• Vehicles of all kinds could over come friction.
  • I can imagine lots of benefits. Besides the already-stated frictionless vehicles--which would make travel a lot easier--how about medical uses? Imagine if instead of being confined to a hot, sweaty bed when sick, you could recoup in a comfy anti-grav pod? No more uncomfortable beds after surgery, either! Chronic back pain is relieved by sleeping on the Grav-less Mattress. Float your way to better health. Or if you broke a limb--no heavy slings or painful crutches scraping up your underarms, just strap on your anti-grav module and that leg just floats along. The wheelchair-confined would have whole worlds of accessibility opened up to them in their new floatchairs! If you could have anti-grav in work situations, then there would be fewer injuries on the job due to lifting havy boxes/equipment/stuff. Push it onto the grav-pad and it floats wherever you need it. Construction is faster and simpler as piles of heavy materials can now be lifted many hundreds of feet without a crane. Anti-grav safety nets could be installed around constructions sites--falling workers and falling debris slow in their descent and float harmlessly ten feet above ground until they can be retreived. It's good for around the house, too. Moving furniture is a snap! So is carrying groceries. Got a sleepy baby you need to cart around? In the fabulous HoverPram, your tot will sleep peacefully for hours. Then there's entertainment. Roller-coasters are replaced by scarier, more exciting, smoother FloatCoasters. A whole slew of toys that float in mid-air will entertain the kiddies. Need I bring up those groovy Hoverboards from the Back to the Future movies? Forget bungee jumping! Just dive off a cliff and free-fall into the safe anti-gravity zone below, where you'll float happily until your time is up. Fun for the whole family!
  • I suppose sky hooks would be an instant success. You could place a sky hook anywhere and hang things on it. It could be just as usefull as a left handed hammer, or perhaps buying a short fuse, or a long weight?
  • My answer is this machine. or search for 'flying soon' The future has just arrived, who needs oil now that we have this? My latest machine has been placed in a vaccumed sphere and the weights are now wing shaped, a purified gas is slowly let into the sphere to lift the weights passed the horizontal orbiting weights. Just imagine you are strapped to the bottom of the shaft and are holding onto the bottom springs. In which direction will you be pulled? and if you are fixed to the shaft, then what will happen to that shaft? Can you see what direction it is being pushed ?
  • At the very least, it would make space travel not only affordable, but downright cheap! The biggest cost of any spaceflight is just getting the thing off the ground.
  • A weapon of war! It could cause the enemies people to just drift off into space!
  • Automobiles for better gas mileage. The only problem is, you know someone would tinker with it and send their butt into outer space.
  • I was just reading a very engaging book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down!

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