• In most countries it is legal to DATE anyone of any age. It's the other physical aspects of the relationship that one has to worry about.
  • Although it happens that 13 and 17 year olds date, it isn't necessarily legal. If I'm 13 and my boyfriend is 17 and my parents didn't like him, they could get him charged with statuatory rape.
  • That's tricky. Statutory rape laws are not as clear as they should be, which leaves young men (mostly) in constant threat that some girls parent will try to ruin there life. Officially there is no law that says a 17 year old cannot date a 13 year old. However, the age of consent is 14. In theory this means that someone who is not a minor cannot legally have sex with anyone under 14. In reality the law could easilly be manipulated to apply to a minor who has sex with someone under 14... you get my drift? In summarry, while you are only 17, you should legally be able to have sex with a 13 year old, at least until you turn 19 or whatever the age of majority is in your province. However, most likely the court would hang a 17 year old just a as easilly as a 17 year old. Not fair. But you aren't having sex, you say? Fair enough, but theres nothing stopping the girl parents from saying that you ARE.
  • since your still underage i guess its fine but if the 17 does anything the 13 doesnt want to do then the perso could go to jail
  • y the hell would u want to date a 13 yearold at 17 thast just krazy.
  • There are stat rape laws in Canada that deal with this, however I think that they're Provincial not Federal, so it may vary from Province to Province. In Ontario, a minor can be charged with statutory rape if there is a TWO YEAR age difference between the couple (somehow being 2 years older puts one teenager in a positon of power over the other). So, while it is probably legal to date, it is technically illegal to have sex. Whether or not a charge would be laid is another story entirely.
  • Basically, the way I see it, you're under 18 so can't be tried like an adult and so is this 13 year old. So I'd say it's okay, anyhow you guys only have a 4 year difference.
  • its legal for them to date, but not have sex, until she is 14. gl.
  • okay, so i am 14, and my girlfriend is 18, it's all cool with my parents, they like her and she's nice, but my question is, is it legal?
  • not till she's 14 budl. your still pretty creepy to be dating a 13 year old.

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