• The term "hat trick" probably evolved from cricket. The Oxford English Dictionary explains: "The feat of a bowler who takes three wickets by three successive balls originally considered to entitle him to be presented by his club with a new hat or some equivalent."
  • In ice hockey, a hat trick is when a single player scores three consecutive goals in a single game. See However, it originated with the use of a hat with which the feat was traditionally rewarded in cricket.
  • According to my copy of Cricketing Terms. A bowler upon taking three wickets in three successive balls used to have a hat bought for him by his captain.
  • It comes from the international game of Cricket and refers to a bowler who takes three wickets with three successive balls. It seems to have been the custom in the nineteenth century for such a paragon of the art to be awarded a new hat by his club as a mark of his success.
  • A)From the English game of cricket when a bowler takes 3 wickets with three consecutive balls. Very hard to do. In the 19th century a person who did this was given a new hat by his team. B)Or when a bowler did this he was allowed to take his hat around to the crowd for donations. Whichever you prefer. First appeared in print in the 1870's.

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