• Yes . Child support can only be modified through the courts which is was set . And unfortunetly , the Father in this situation may be held liable for arrearages . As again C/S can only be modified through the courts .
  • Yes, but think about the child in all of this, your child's welfare comes first, I guess thats why you need the money.I don't like the idea of kids being sent here and there to suit selfish parents, I'm not saying that you are selfish, its a good question. The father must be going through some difficulties to have to send the child back to you.
  • Yes he has to abide by the Court order.
  • Child support always stems from the last order that the judge signed. In this question, it appears that the child support order was "stopped." Unless the order stopping the child support had some sort of way for the child support to start again if the child went back to the mother, the order stays "stopped" until a new order is signed by the judge starting it again.

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