• - The producer gets the project started by getting funding, hiring the major people like the director, and getting a distributor. - The director is the main artistic mind behind the production. He tells the actors how to play a scene. He decides if a scene has to be re-done, saying stuff like, "Your character's got conflicting emotions about this situation, so don't look so sure of yourself. Let's do it again." A director also plays a major role in things like casting and editing. - The screenwriter is hired by the producer (usually with input from the director) to write the script. Writing is all he does.
  • Director-Tells people where to stand and how to act Screenwriter- Writes scripts Producer-Gets funds, food, drinks, sponsers, sets, actors and extras.
  • The producer finds backers for the movie they are about to produce.They have to show a summary of the movie to investors with the hope that they will make money from the move.The screenwriter writes the script,sometimes taken from a book,and other times on their own.About 1% of scripts become movies.The director runs the crew,with the help of the lighting department,grips,and mostly art designer,and cameraman.He knows what shots and angles he wants and works from the concept all the way through to the editing.
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  • There are different kinds of Producers, but in general, the Producer(s) is responsible for overseeing the LOGISTICS of getting a film or television production completed. A Director is responsible for the CREATIVE decisions. A Screenwriter is responsible for telling the very best story possible and to write in a way that allows for some flexibility during the filmmaking process. For a wide variety of reasons, very few screenplays are able to be completed precisely as written by the Screenwriter. The Screenwriter's primary responsibility is to the CREATIVE aspects of the story... however, during the pre-production and production processes, the Screenwriter may still be working as changes in logistics or "artistic" choices occur. This all changes a bit when talking about TELEVISION production. A Director is in charge of the creative direction of a narrative feature film. In television, the SHOW RUNNERS/Producers are the driving force behind the creative direction of a television show. A television series will then hire multiple Directors who are responsible for maintaining the established creative continuity for the show and the characters. One of the very best books about Producing is The Movie Producer: A Handbook for Producing and Picture-Making, by Paul N. Lazarus. There are a lot of books about screenplay writing, but the very best one I've found is Film Scriptwriting, Second Edition: A Practical Manual, by Dwight V Swain (Author), JOYE R SWAIN (Author). Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC

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