• A funeral service is usually a lot like a church service. Say an hour or so.
  • When I conduct a funeral in a church it might last an hour, but usually it will last between 30 and 45 minutes. It will depend upon how many hymns are sung, how much special music is used, and how many relatives/friends of the deceased choose to offer personal reflections. When I conduct a service in a funeral home the service will usually not last longer than 20 minutes. Little or no special music is used and no hymns are sung. I also find that the friends and relatives of the deceased are usually uncomfortable with a long sermon in the funeral home, so I try to keep my comments brief.
  • Funerals in some religious groups last longer than others. Some churches have a prescribed liturgy for funerals that may take up to an hour. Many other funerals last about thirty minutes, but this can vary because of the latitude families have in planning what is, testimonials, etc. The shortest funeral I can remember lasted less than five minutes; the longest was three hours.
  • 30 minutes at the graveside - a couple of hours in a church.
  • It depends on the religion and the individuals , Cremation for instance lasts about 20 minutes. Some funerals can be as long as an hour service.
  • it dependz on the death like if it was a murder it will take longer bcuz they will make a biopsy..and also it dependz on the religion...for example my couzin was killed on a wednesday and we burried him on great-grandma died on a saturday and was burriedo n it all dependz on the close family and religion...
  • the average church is about 1 hour unless its for a young person under 18 then it could last 2 hrs or more graveside is a average of 30 mins and again unless its for a young person then its can last for 2 or more hrs But by far the largest service I have ever seen are for police/firemen. The last one I would guess there must have been over 1,500 people there and in the town at the time 6,500 thats alot, the service seem to go on for ever.
  • It should go on long enough for everyone that knew the person enough time to pay their final respects. The more people the person touched, the longer it will take.
  • My husband's was about 1.5 hours. This included the minister and two family members giving the eulogies. For me, this was perfect. I had not been to one that was this long in the past. Most I've been to are about 30 minutes.
  • A funeral service should be no longer than 30 minutes and then graveside about ten minutes.
  • approx 1 hour
  • 60-90 minutes
  • approx an hour

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