• According to the book "More Rumor" by Hal Morgan and Kerry Tucker: "... another commonly feared law is the one that prevents many of us from driving barefoot. The Automobile Association of America keeps tabs on driving laws in all fifty states, and reports that no such rule is on the books."
  • No, but bear in mind that even professional drivers wear special driving shoes. Your driving performance actually decreases if you drive barefoot. Surprising, I know, you'd think having the additional tactile feedback would help...
  • According to most of the sources i contacted, including the AAA club, driving barefoot is not illegal. its one of those quirks in life that never made it to the legislature. i feel more confident driving with shoes on, rather than without. imagine a barefoot panic brake pedal stop without shoes? i believe i'll keep my flip flops on, while driving. end
  • Being a professional truck driver for 18 years with over 2 million miles behind me: According to the Department of Transportation it is illegal to drive a vehicle without having proper foot support that will prevent the driver from applying and maintaining steady pressure on the brake pedal for an extended period of time. Post Rating Note: This answer can be found in the DOT Official Drivers Guide Handbook. "Extended periods of time" would refer to anyone who might be in a traffic jam having to maintain continuous pressure on the brake pedal for extended periods of time. Being barefoot would cause a drivers foot to become tired more quickly. According to the DOT it is illegal to drive barefoot. I did not write the Law. I am simply answering the question with known, but unpopular, information.
  • Here is an update to my original answer on driving barefoot. a speeder was observed speeding. hard to pull over to the curb. made radical movements, with her automobile. after the stop, i noticed the driver did not have any shoes on her feet. driver said she came from home with no shoes. i issued a citation for speeding, plus careless driving(no shoes). as long as original charge is issued (speeding) anything contributing to speeding, like talking on a cellphone, barefoot, etc., which again contributes to the original charge, also can be issued. driving barefoot, in itself, is still not a violation of the law.
  • No, it's perfectly legal, but it can be more dangerous while you're driving, so it's not recommended.
  • American States Alabama: Barefoot Driving: Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is permitted. Exception: motorcycle rider. Ohio: Barefoot Driving: Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is permitted but not recommended. California: Barefoot Driving: Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is not prohibited. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming: Barefoot Driving: Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is permitted." This dated 1994, but the laws probably haven't changed since then.
  • Not sure about other states, but in California, it is *LEGAL* to drive without footwear.
  • Police may claim it is illegal but in most states there is no such law on the books. I haven't found any yet where it is a written law. It's just something they tell you. But just your average drivers, it's fine, go for it.
  • I think it is here in Ireland !
  • Nope. It's not illegal, just stupid. In the early days of automobiles, floors of cars weren't upholstered or covered in any protective fabric, they were just bare metal. Engine heat and friction would cause these floor panels to become extremely hot, leading to painful burns for barefoot drivers. Over the years, this simple fact of common sense became the urban legend that it's "illegal" to drive barefoot.
  • I hope not because I can't drive any other way. I am a flip flop junkie and its kind of hard to drive with those because they slip so I have gotten very use to driving with no shoe on my "driving foot".
  • There is no law, in America, that strictly forbids driving an automobile, while barefoot. The only possible exception would be a careless driving charge, if you are involved in a traffic crash and the accident is your fault. Other than this, go for it.
  • No, it's just dangerous.
  • it is illegal to drive if you dont have a licence. PS, im not called barefoot
  • It is in NY State..Everything you can think of is illegal in NY State!!!!
  • Again, it is not illegal to drive an automobile in The United States, while barefoot.
  • Not for Sassquatch.
  • Not to my knowledge
  • i think it's a state by state issue
  • I don't think so
  • 3rd Answer. Driving barefoot is not illegal in any of Americas states. A peson could be charged with careless or reckless driving, if driving while barefoot, was a contributing factor in an auto accident. There is no "stand alone" law against driving a motor vehicle while barefoot.

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