• Hmm, I don't know whether to say this or not. If you absolutely want to pay to download TV shows then stop reading. If you object to file sharing then this isn't for you. However, it is possible to download TV shows and movies for free from BitTorrent sites. BitTorrent is a form of peer-to-peer file sharing. One user will download the file from a central location and other users will download the file from this first user, even as his download is still progressing. Then more users will download from these users and so on. A useful analogy is that of a champagne pyramid in which liquid is poured into the glass at the top of the pyramid and then flows out and down to an ever-increasing number of glasses. Anyway, how it works is not important. How do we use it to download TV shows? First, you will need a broadband connection. Some shows can run up to several hundred megabytes per episode. Don't even contemplate downloading this size of file with a dial-up connection! Second, you need a BitTorrent client. You can download the official BitTorrent client from However a more powerful client comes included with Shareaza. This is a free open-source program which won't install adware or spyware. I would recommend using this rather than the official client, which is a little basic (and caused instabilities while running on my PC). The two best sites for downloading BitTorrent files used to be TVtorrents and Unfortunately (as of late December 2004) suprnova has shut down, possibly for good. So let's just concentrate on TV Torrents. TV Torrents is a very good source of TV shows (both current and classic). It requires registration, however registration is free and won't mean you get innundated with spam. Rest assured the site is family friendly and won't bombard you with pop-ups and installers. (Some torrent sites will, though, so be careful if web-searching.) The only downside to using BitTorrent is that others need to be downloading the file for you to be able to download. This is indicated on many sites by showing the number of "seeds" per download. The greater the number of seeds, the better your chances of being able to download the file and the faster the download. This next bit gets a little technical, so stop reading if you've learned enough. Quite often your download speed will depend upon how much data you have uploaded. Don't worry, this sounds technical but it isn't. As you're downloading a file, other people are downloading the file from you (you are, in effect, uploading the data to them). When you have finished downloading your file, leave your client running and this will mean that people can still download from the file you have downloaded. This will also ensure that your the ratio between what you download and upload remains high (you will want to aim for over 1/1 for good speeds and access - in other words you upload as much as you download.) Edit: Deanie, you don't need to do anything, the bittorrent software itself will know how much you've uploaded versus how much you've downloaded. On most torrent sites you will be able to access your ratio from your user area.
  • You want to see shows that are not currently on the air otherwise with a graphic card will do it automatically indefinitely till the hard drive is full. It looks like recording anything on tv is legal for home use. Since you willing to pay, it opens up a whole world of options. I don,t know the details but I know what money always does. You can rent or buy tv series by the season and show, the easiest and cheapest place in blockbusters online. You might get more than a month free and it was a easy out for me so what they say has no hidden catches. For archived "moving pictures" visit I got start by a few keywords in google
  • Download them for free via Sharaeaza or a BitTorrent client.
  • Get a client such as utorrent install it, make sure you have the right codecs to play shows go to isohunt or any of the many torrent sites....use the interweb to its fullest potential :D
  • Here's another, absolutely free.. all kinds of stuff.
  • is the place to be
  • by the way piratebay went to pay yesterday.

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