• Mountain biking is the sport of riding a mountain bike. You would ride a mountain bike on a unpaved road or trail to be mountain biking.
  • There are two parts to this - the surface you're riding on, and the bike itself. The sport of mountain biking includes manmade and natural trails and 'offpiste' areas. Many mountain bike races also include sections of tarmac, yet this is still mountain biking. Overall, it seems that it is classed as mountain biking if the main part of the route is offroad. One thing's for sure, it need not involve mountains! Similarly, the bike you're doing it on has to be a 'mountain bike', i.e. fat tyres and straight bars (as opposed to 'cyclocross' which is offroad with dropped bars and thinner tyres). Similarly, it must have 2 wheels, otherwise you are mountain-unicycling or mountain-triking, and it must have only 1 person, otherwise you are mountain-tandemming (and yes, these all exist!).
  • mountain biking is you bike bigger than bmx. you can go to areas where car cannot go. you also do adventure biking and also camping. mountain biking is also good for your health.
  • Mountain biking is for "off-road" bike riding in rugged terrains. It can be a sport, hobby or a fitness activity depending on the purpose of riding a mountain bike.
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  • off road biking with a mountain bike

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