• Poor immediately following her success, but by no means homeless. Rowling married Jorge Arantes on October 16, 1992. At the time of their wedding, he was in the army, later becoming a TV journalist, while she was teaching English as a foreign language in Oporto, Portugal. Rowling wrote two novels for adults, neither of which she attempted to publish, before she had the idea for Harry Potter during a four-hour train trip. According to her, by the time she reached her destination, she had the characters and a good part of the plot for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in her head. She started writing during her lunch hours, and continued working on the manuscript throughout a stint in Oporto, Portugal, teaching English as a second language at the Encounter English School. After an unsuccessful marriage, she returned to the United Kingdom with her infant daughter and completed the book in Edinburgh, Scotland. At the time, she was unemployed and living on welfare benefits. The book was a huge success, the sales made her a multi-millionaire, and in 2001, she purchased a luxurious 19th century mansion on the banks of the River Tay in Perthshire, Scotland, where she married her second husband, Dr. Neil Murray, on December 26th, 2001. Reference Link:
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