• Reporting it stolen is about your only legal option. Technically its your car and based on the arrangement, technically she borrowed it and did not return it. If you don't have the title, a copy of the registration or any of the ownership related paperwork you should first contact the dealership and get the information such as the vin number and anything else that they might have on the vehicle that they sold you. Your next step is to go to your local Motor Vehicle bureau so that you can get a duplicate copy of the title and registration. Once you report it stolen your friend will not be able to renew the tags upon expiration. And in the unfortunate circumstance where your friend might be pulled over by the cops, then you will have your vehicle back sooner than you know. Its unfortunate that your friend took advantage of you. Even though she had good intentions, she has left you no choice. At the least, she really could have called you to let you know that she missed the payment and wants to either bring the car back or make arrangements to bring the payments current. Its not like she doesn't know how to get in contact with you and certainly she KNOWS that she has not been making payments. As much as nobody wants to see their friend get arrested you have to protect your own interests. She definately isn't looking out for your interests or hers for that matter.
  • This is a civil matter and a costly one at that. signing for someone for anything can be dangerous. the bottom line is, if they do not pay, then you will pay. the police will not make a stolen report on this vehicle, because it is not stolen. your friend has the vehicle at your expense. in laymans terms, its called "taking you to the cleaners". i would attempt to track down your friend and recover the automobile. if you are having to pay for it, you might as well recover it and drive it yourself.
  • You are responsible for making the payments or repo, if your name is on the title or signed as a co-signer on the contract. Your first mistake was fraud by giving your information in order for her to have the car. This is not auto theft. at the most, it might be fraud but very unlikely, since you know this woman. She is in a win win situation. your creit is on the line here. You might contact an attorney for further advice.

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