• The sandman is a fantasy or folk figure associated with sleep and dreaming. The story my mother told me is that the Sandman is a very small man who wears a long nightcap, and if you've been very good, he comes in the night and makes you sleepy by sprinkling sand in your eyes, which will give you very good dreams. I think the actual legend is slightly different. According to various sources (Wikipedia- -is the only internet source I referred to), the sandman is really a sort of fairy that comes into the bedroom of sleeping children and drops his magic sand onto them, giving them fantastic dreams. He is usually depicted a carrying around a big sack full of sand, and sometimes represented as a fairy, a jolly little man in costume, or even the grim reaper. (The Roman Dirge illustrated story "Something at the Window is Scratching" shows him as a cute little monster creature.) The story lends itself well to more sinister variations (he sneaks into your room in dark of night and throws things at your innocent, oblivious head!), and has been recast in a number of darker versions, including some where the Sandman steals your eyes and eats them, puts you to sleep for ever, or suffocates you under his mountain of sand. You might be familiar with the song "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes (featuring prominently in the movie Back to the Future). The story of the sandman has been borrowed and recast into a number of popular songs, stories, movies, and comic books. The name has been borrowed for wrestling names, song titles, album titles, and several superheroes.
  • I think that The Sandman was a good thing until Metallica made there version, after that us youth thought of it as a horror flick or something.
  • Little kids have always a sensation of sand on their eyes when they are sleepy. So the mothers explanation was that Mr. Sandman is coming and then is time to sleep.
  • The Sandman is an Australian comedian who has walked on stage on live television completely naked. He is of Russian origin, and currently hosts his own show - "In Siberia Tonight".
  • It's just the beast under your bed. In your closet. IN YOUR HEAD!

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