• According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 12.7 km sq (4.9 square miles). 7.6 km sq (2.9 mi sq) of it is land and 5.1 km sq (2.0 mi sq) of it (40.04%) is water. Lakes in Mound include: Black Lake, Dutch Lake, Lake Langdon, Saunders Lake, Seton Lake, and Lake Minnetonka. Lake Langdon lies immediately west of Mound. It lies between an old Great Northern rail road line and Lake Minnetonka. One of its most notable places is an old ice house and grocery store at the east side of the lake. The store for many years in the 40's and 50's was owned and operated by Al and Pete Solie, uncles of the Andrews Sisters. Other historic places on the east shore of Lake Langdon are Our Lady of the Lake, parochial school and the Mound Baptist Church, cared for for many years by Ulrich Eugster an immigrant to the United States from Reute, Switzerland. "Mound derived its name from the Indian mounds once found within the present day limits. They were not built by the Dakota Indians but were made by prehistoric Indians... " - Melvin Gimmestad, from the book, Historical Backgrounds of Mound, Minnesota. More information about Mound is available from the Westonka Historical Society "Mound is a city on Western Lake Minnetonka with perhaps over 1,000 docks, and even more boats. Mound’s early history revolved around the Lake. Its early days were perhaps like being or living at a cabin or resort up North. The Lakes geographically define our city. Mound areas such as Three Points, The Island, The Highlands, Grandview Boulevard and Shirley Hills. Because the Westonka School District encompasses Mound, the city is also very connected to Spring Park, Orono, St. Bonifacious, and Minnetrista. Mound schools include: Grandview Middle School, Hilltop Elementary, Shirley Hills Elementary, Mound-Westonka High School. The school mascot is the Whitehawk, which was changed in 1997 from the former "Mohawk." Local sites also includ: Swenson Park, Al and Alma’s Supper Club, "Killer Hill", the Navarre Drive In, and Jubilee, City Bay Park (Surfside), and the Depot. The Mound downtown area includes John’s Pet & Variety, the House of Moy, the Legion, the VFW, the Pond arena, the True Value Hardware Store, Westonka Sports, a Barber Shop, Wolner field, the Netka Building, the Crow River State Bank.User:HobbitguyHobbitguy 22:35, 30 December 2006 (UTC) Source:

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