• You can clip the stem just above a leaf and it may branch out from the junction of the leaf just below the cut and the stem. Use sharp scissor type pruners or even a clean razor blade, not an anvil type pruner, you want no crushing of the stem. Hold a piece of ice on the cut just long enough for the latex to harden, otherwise it'll ooze rubber for quite a while. Alternatively, if the thing is not already too tall, you can pinch it back right at the tip. There should be a small leaf forming there, pinch it, and fingernails are a great tool for this, right below where the leaf shape grows, leaving the short stem. The plant should branch off from there. Also if you have one of the plants commonly referred to as rubber plant that goes dormant and loses or just droops its leaves at some part of the year, you can cut the stem back below the leaves and hope it comes back and branches from that point. I wouldn't try that unless you know exactly what you got and know that it really goes dormant. also see right here in answerbag

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