• Have you tried looking online for a manual?
  • Take it back and tell them you want another one Hey Girl
  • Please be more specific with the Make and Model Number. If you have those two you can go online and probably find drivers and the manual, in case it came in a plain plastic package with no manuals or any kind. The manual could be on the disk. Sometimes they are there in PDF format.
  • I have the same mp3 player from B&B Works too. My dh (a computer genius!) downloaded the driver, etc. with the intent of loading different songs. There was a message that said the program is not compatible with MS Windows and could corrupt your computer. After that my dh computer came to a grind and it was a couple hours before he could bring his work laptop computer back to it's original self. BEWARE! I'm going to try to take mine back but it's Apr 07 now and I purchased it back in Dec 2006. Good luck to me, right?
  • I had the same problem. I did manage to get mine to work though. Just make sure your HOLD button isn't on.
  • I bought one at a garage sale, with the CD but no manual. Someone else has already supplied a link to the user manual and such. It appears to be a 256mb USB disk to my win98se machine. You will only need a driver for win98, not for newer than win98. The software on the CD appears to be for a hub od some kind, for diagnostics and configuration. Cruise down the directory structure to locate the directory for the win98 driver, if you need it. It came with 128mb of MP3 files already loaded. Slide the switch toward the unlocked position, the right as you look at the face with the switch on top. Press and hold the play button, in the center for 3 secs to turn it on. You should see the led light. Press play again to start playing the first file. I think it always starts from the beginning, not resume if you turn it off. Turn it off by pressing the play button again for 3 secs and the led will go off and stay off. I was able to add MP3 files just as I would to any other disk drive. That is all I've found out so far about this device. Last thing, check to make sure the battery is good. The battery was dead in the one I bought. Apparently, from the files on the device, mine was never used. The file titles all said Bath and Body Works in the titles, so I think these all were preinstalled.
  • make sure the mp3 player is set to unlocked. there is a switch on the bottom (or top, depending on how u look at it) that has a picture of a lock on it. one is a locked lock and the other is an unlocked lock. switch it to the unlocked lock and it should work :D
  • Get a real MP3 player...bath & body works...I thought they sale stuff for your bathroom or stuff to put on your body, what do they know about electronics?!

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