• No not all countries use daylight savings time. approx. 70 countries currently use DST (daylight savings time), in at least a portion of the country. The only major industrialized country not to have introduced DST is Japan. Equatorial and tropical countries GENERALLY do not use DST. For more info on DST try:
  • Just for the record, countries do not always decide as a whole to use or not use DST. For example, the vast majority of the United States does, but some states choose not to. I know Hawaii doesn't, because I once had a Hawaiian college roommate who had never "turned the clock back" before. I know there are other states that don't use DST, and I want to say that Arizona is one of them, but I don't have the complete list handy right now.
  • i think most do
  • No. Not even all US States.
  • Its daylight saving time, and no.

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