• According to Kidipede, a history website for kids, the Greek society often compared issues in pairs. For instance, humans might be compared with animals or gods. The Greeks also compared genders.


    Greeks considered women inferior to men. The main responsibility of females in Greek society was to give birth.


    Greeks thought of females as irrational, hysterical and dangerous. Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher, felt women were inherently inferior to males by nature.


    Young girls were not permitted to attend school in Greek society due to the perceived irrationality of females.

    Social Life

    A young woman remained housebound until a male selected the woman as his wife. Females had no say in who they could marry and were not permitted to interact with their husbands' male friends.

    Early Feminist?

    Plato, another famous Greek philosopher, called for women to have more rights in his book "The Republic," which depicted what Plato thought to be an ideal society. Even though Plato thought women should have more rights, he still believed women were inferior to men.


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