• Electromagnets are a part society and they are used for many different applications. Electronics and various industries are just some of the ways in which electromagnetic applications are utilized.

    Electronic Devices

    Motors and generators are devices that use electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic fields are created by electromagnetic induction which states that moving electrical current creates an electronic field. Motors and appliances use electric current in order to create an electromagnetic field to operate the device.


    Electrical products are usually composed of certain types of metals. These metals have to be sorted in their natural form before being processed for use. Electromagnets are used in the process of separating these products.


    Relays are how devices such as telephones and computers work. Relays use electromagnets to control the logic and memory function of these devices.


    Electromagnetic fields that move create electrical current. Generators operate off of this principle in order to function and create electrical power for homes. Outside power sources must be used to power the generator in order for the device to create energy.


    Some trains use electromagnets to elevate the train cars in order for the modern locomotive to move at incredible rapid speeds.


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