• Mini notebooks, also referred to as netbooks, are often confused with regular laptops. Although the two devices are similar in appearance and features, there are several hardware differences.


    Netbooks use the Intel Atom CPU, which is exclusive to mini notebooks and other tiny gadgets and isn't as powerful as the processors in laptops.


    The screen resolution of a mini notebook is lower than a regular laptop due to the small LCD size.


    Some mini notebooks come with an solid state drive, also known as an SSD, instead of a normal hard drive. A solid state drive has no moving parts, which makes it more durable than a normal hard drive but with a capacity often of only a few gigabytes.


    A netbook has a smaller keyboard than a laptop and might be difficult for people with large hands to use.


    Because of its slower CPU and smaller LCD, a netbook uses less electricity than a regular notebook.


    Netbooks Review: What is a Netbook?

    • mushroom
      This might have been accurate in the 2000s, but in the late 2010s Atom chips are obsolete and many full power notebooks come in 10-13" sizes. To confuse the matter further, there are convertible notebooks which look much like tablets, but run Windows. There are also Windows tablets. There are even Windows phones, but we don't like to talk about those ;)

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