• i want one , i love them please tell me were to get one now .
  • I like the concept of having everything that I like about dogs in a smaller package - less space, less poop, less drool, less shedding. But it seems like most, although not all, small dogs are really hyper-active. Plus, they don't bark, they yap, and that would be so annoying. Besides, what if I sat on it?
  • Oh, I LOVE little lap doggies that you could take anywhere with you. Then again, I adore ALL animals!
  • I much prefer a dog I could actual play with as oppose to something I could lose between the cushions of the couch.
  • CUTE!!!!!!!!
  • Their cute but require alot of Doc. visit's -- Or I can take one with Chili and Cheese Oscar Meyer
  • I actually work at a dog kennel that raises tiny dogs. I've got to tell you, they may be a bit of work, and they may be scared most of the time, but if you care for them and have them warm up to you... they are the most wonderful companions you could ask for. And they're even less work then having a man around the house!
  • Cute,but they remind my brother of rats.
  • I'll work to train, what ever type of dog a client brings to me in most cases. But, personally, I prefer a dog that is a bit more! I like hiking, playing and I want a companion dog that can DO activities without physical challenges in size to hamper OUR fun. I'm about as "GA-GA" over my own animals as the next person...but....I tend to just want to loose it sometimes when people treat dogs, especially little tiny dogs as if they are little tiny human people. A DOG IS A DOG and deserves to be respected for all of the wonderful DOG QUALITIES they possess and bring to the relationship! Even a tiny dog is still a dog. They THINK like a DOG, they enjoy the opportunity to run, and sniff, and DO THINGS within their ability. I've seen too many toy types that NO ONE bothered to train, or teach GOOD MANNERS simply because the owner figures...he/she's so tiny...I can just scoop him/her up if they are doing something I don't like and stop them that way! What a crock of CACA! Great for teaching a pint sized pup to nip, and behave as it THEY are the King/Queen of the pack/home. Great too for creating a horribly BORING LIFE for your dog. Dog is NOT human, but Dog does have a brain!!!! Training your dog allows it to develop its brain, provides enrichment, fun, builds self-esteem for both human AND DOG and gives the dog USEFUL behaviors to learn and master so that they are a joy to be around. Training gives your dog LEARNED abilities to use as correct alternative behavior choices when they are doing or about to do something YOU DON'T WANT THEM TO DO! It all boils down to PERSONAL PREFERENCE...what you like to do and what your dog can do with you!
  • aww cute..! but i would want to be able t0o play with it
  • They're great - with onions and mustard. Peel them first, though....
  • They are adorable but would never last long at our house. The smaller they are, the more health problems/excited tempermant they seem to have in my experience
  • I love them, especially when they poke their small head out of some lady's bag.
  • I prefer a larger dog. I'd be afraid to step on and crush a tiny dog like that. It happened to some friends of mine. It was tragic. Besides, it can't be good for the dogs to get too tiny. There has to be health problems involved in down-sizing an animal too much.
  • Those hands should be chopped off as those dogs suffer all their lives.
  • i think theyre cute

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