• The laser comb is an electronic, handheld device that its manufacturers claim stimulates hair growth in patients suffering from hair loss. It uses a low level laser to produce the effects.


    The manufacturers recommend scanning the scalp for 15 minutes three or four times per week for the first three months. After that, two sessions a week are needed for proper maintenance.


    The laser comb uses between five and nine laser beams, all of which are pulsed at low levels.


    The laser beams are intended to stimulate cell growth in the hair follicles in a manner similar to how the sun stimulates plant growth during photosynthesis.

    Blood Flow

    The laser light is also designed to stimulate blood flow around hair follicles. This is intended to bring more nutrients to the follicles and help remove substances such as testosterone that can cause hair loss.

    Light Technology

    Much of the design of the comb is based on the work done by Niels Ryberg Finsen, who won a Nobel Prize in 1903 as a result of his work in "photo energy," which he used to treat a range of health problems.


    The test groups used to study the effectiveness of the laser comb included men with specific amounts of baldness and skin types. In general, those with less hair loss and fairer skin were used in the study. More than 90 percent showed a reduction in hair loss.


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