• What on earth would someone say that for? Obviously by the count of things (population) it hasn't had much influence!
  • Sex is not a bad thing when we bridle our passions and use them in accordance with God's laws.
  • That is reserved for married couples according to many Scriptures including Hebrews 13:4. It is commendable of you that you abstain from practices that God prohibits (Acts 15:29), especially since society is saturated with sensual images and music.
  • nowhere, my parents never talked to us about sex
  • The Roman Catholic teachings made sex a force to control, unless you're married. The fact is at the age of sexual maturity, these forces cannot be controlled by repressing it. I've seen many contradictions from family and faith. Repression does more harm than good. Sexuality when guided in healthy ways is the best way. (yet I have some conditioning that can interfere still with a healthy sexuality)

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