• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Prolonged Survival

    Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) is aggressive and often resistant to chemotherapy. Two studies found Rituxan combined with standard chemotherapy resulted in a better overall response rates (33 percent) compared with chemotherapy alone (12 percent). Rituxan also extended remission. Patients who received no further treatment relapsed a median of 17 months after chemotherapy ended. The relapse rate in patients receiving Rituxan was so low the median time to relapse had not been determined four years after the study ended.

    On the Other: More Data Needed

    Patients may develop resistance to Rituxan. The studies combined patients with MCL and follicular lymphoma, which is a slow-growing form. MCL is uncommon and the studies included few patients with MCL. More data is needed on whether Rituxan extends life when administered early in the treatment of MCL.

    Bottom Line

    Rituxan combined with standard chemotherapy regimens improves overall survival and extends remission in patients with MCL. Rituxan is effective when used with several common chemotherapy regimens.


    National Cancer Institute: Rituximab Helps Patients With Recurrent Lymphomas

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