• Funerals play an important role in society as they represent the end of the life cycle. One of the ways that many people have come to deal with the difficult reality of losing a loved one is by using flowers as a part of the ceremony.


    Dr. Ralph Solecki, an archaeologist, discovered a cave where graves were surrounded by flowers. The flowers were supposedly placed there by people many thousands of years ago. The act of placing flowers on graves is considered an ancient human ritual.


    Flowers are thought to represent the fragility of life. They represent the fact that life is temporary and their beauty helps bring balance to the reality of death.


    Expressing feelings and emotions can be difficult when someone passes away. Many people give flowers as a means to communicate sympathy, sorrow and to share in the burden of loss of a life.


    People who give flowers form a bond to help them get through the bereavement process. The flowers help to create a friendly environment that is designed to foster community and support for people mourning the loss of a life.


    Giving flowers at a funeral is a reminder that there might be another chance to see deceased people in another place. Whether people believe in a higher power or not, many people are comforted with the possibility of life after death and giving flowers at a funeral plays a role in the process for this type of hope.


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  • probably to cheer people up after someone dies
  • I believe they are used to cover up the odor of death.

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