• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Spraying Is Faster Than Brushing

    The invention of the paint sprayer has been a tremendous boon to commercial painters. Using a paint sprayer can save hours of time as compared to using a paint brush, especially on large surface areas, such as interior walls and ceilings and exterior siding. A paint sprayer can also be used to paint some smaller areas, such as inside closets and cabinets as well as roof eaves.

    On the Other: Trim Painting Is Difficult

    The nature of the dispersal of paint when using a paint sprayer is not a defined line. Using a paint brush is generally understood to be the best method when painting window trims, door jambs, molding and other areas where full coverage within a defined limit is required.

    Bottom Line

    Choosing a paint sprayer or a paint brush will depend on the surface being painted and the need of the individual for expediting the job. It is recommended that both application methods be available for projects that will include both large area coverage and more confined and accurate painting.


    Paint Sprayers Save Time

  • That all depends on what you are working on. I have done some DIY, Do It Yourself home projects. To think for myself, rather than copy & paste information like the so-called experts: paint sprayers reduce time and labor when painting overall areas. On the other hand, paint brushes are commonly used for painting small detail work like: moldings, window trims, door jambs, touch-up work or to accent colors which are used for the emphasis in a color scheme.
  • You need to know how to use it!
  • That depends on the surface.

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