• Next time bring her a small gift. Find out what she is "into".
  • Don't pressure her in any way. She'll be checking you out from a distance, so let her know that you're aware of her, but be subtle. Be friendly, smile, and play little games like making faces or sticking your tongue out when you have the opportunity (so that only she sees you) - it would create a "personal" but fun experience. Don't try to buy her affection or approval, but it would be okay to bring her something special once in a while and slip it to her in secret - secrets between children and grown-ups help them bond with each other. You might call it "breaking the ice on her terms."
  • Admittedly, it is a benefit to have been around children, but another asset you can draw on, is to remember what it was like for you when you were a child. Don't worry too much about the first meeting, all children are unsure to start with. If his family like you, and he likes you, then they all must think that you will be great with her given time.

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