• Set up a proxy server at home. Have the proxy server listen on a non-standard port that is open on your school network (like 21 ftp or 23 telnet). Point your browser to the home based proxy server with alternate port.
  • Unless you attend a private school, the computers at your school are GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. Tampering with them is a federal offense, for which you can serve time in a FEDERAL (fuck me in the ass) PRISON. Now, unless you want to be trading sexual favors for Ramen Noodle soup for the next fifteen years of your life, I suggest that you use the school's computers for the purpose which they were intended and carry on your other activities on YOUR OWN COMPUTER AT HOME. The reason that schools block certain functions of their computers is because somewhere there is a Network Admin who is TIRED OF FIXING THINGS THAT YOU STUPID KIDS SCREW UP.
  • Hey i got a web site and you can make it past school blocks but i'm afried of the truth is if you try the webaites will auto block if you use it more then onecs Soz :[
  • Try It doesn't work for my district, but it may work for yours. Use it wisely, grasshopper...
  • listen kid, i know how it feels, but these may be blocked :{ so best way is 2 search: "pass firewall" on google!!! good luck
  • I would suggest that you do your schoolwork at school, and surf the web at home.
  • doghnt no - kned 2 no hou 2 spel fst
  • google in on yahoo if it dont work
  • there is a proxy called unless they update the proxy server all the time or when vtunnel updates it doesnt block it anymore, and if they do try Https:// and it should would, i found so many ways to get past it i cant even google the word "proxy" anymore and any proxy site doesnt load, i have been working on how to get rid of this, i also got anwsers if ur teacher uses "Vison 6"

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