• A functional resume can be effective in hiding problem areas for those who do not have a logical career progression. Using this format will highlight your best skills and give you a better chance at getting an interview.

    Highlights Your Skills

    The goal of a functional resume is to place an emphasis on your major skills. After the opening qualifications summary, the major headings are your best skills. Under each skill, you should make eight to 10 statements that support that skill.

    Minimizes Gaps in Employment

    A functional resume is also used to better hide gaps in your employment. If you were out of work for a year or more, that can be hard to explain on a traditional resume. With the emphasis placed on your skills, the gaps are not as noticeable.

    Ideal for Those Returning to the Workforce

    This format can also serve those who have a prior work history but have not been working for a few years. A prime example would be a stay-at-home dad who needs to go back to work to support his family.

    Useful in Targeting a Specific Job

    Targeting a resume to a specific job will get a better response. This can be accomplished with a functional resume. You can showcase a particular set of skills that is important to the position.

    Used by Those with No Experience

    Many fresh college and high school graduates and professionals seeking a career change can have difficulty with writing a resume that gets results. Using a functional resume can place the focus on areas besides you lack of work experience.


    The Functional Resume Format

  • One that is petty short and to the point. None of that fancy paper and design stuff.
  • probably a resume thats functional

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