• Andrew Lessman is a pioneer in the development of vitamin supplements. In 1979 he founded ProCaps Laboratories, which today manufactures and distributes more than 100 different vitamins and supplements.

    Early Interest

    According to Lessman's blog, his interest in vitamins started when he was a young boy investigating ways to make his pets healthier.


    Lessman studied biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and later continued his studies at the University of Hawaii, but dropped out when the study of medicine failed to line up with his beliefs about personal health.

    Personal Health Mantra

    Lessman believes the focus on health should be in the prevention of disease rather than the treatment.

    Initial Formulas

    While attending Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, Lessman worked part-time at a vitamin company, which allowed him to start experimenting with his own vitamin creations.

    Building the Business

    Lessman left his law firm in 1989 to focus full-time on developing his vitamin supplement business.

    Vitamin Vendors

    Lessman's products are available on the ProCaps Laboratories website and the Home Shopping Network.


    ProCaps Laboratories

    Andrew Lessman's blog


    Home Shopping Network

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