• no, unless there is a clause stating that he is or will pay for college.
  • No, youre a legal adult
  • No, unless he signed something in the divorce settlement or paternity suit stating that he would continue to support the child past 18 or pay for college, that sort of thing. Although I would hope that, as a father, he would willingly want to continue to help his child.
  • yes, look into if that child goes to college. the father might be liable to pay support
  • Not in Louisiana unless you have it in your custody agreement to continue support while the child is in school.
  • no. if its due to a divorce decree settlement that would be different.
  • It depends on where you are because child support is a state-by-state matter. Check here for your state:
  • In pennsulvanya, the father is responsible untill the child is 18 and out of High School.
  • In most cases it's 18 years of age unless the court decides otherwise or if the child is disabled and is not foreseen to be independent.
  • Depends on the state/province's laws and your child support agreement.
  • The only way a parent will pay after a kid is 18 is if the parent still owes money being in arrears -meaning behind on payments from the past money still owed .After the age of 18 or say the kid does'nt graduate high school till 19 then thats when the child support stops .I have never heard paying child support while they attend college unless their under 18 in college lol! 18 is adult age so to say.
  • It depends on what state the divorce decree was issued and what the decree says. Here, support ends when the child turns 18. If the child is still in high school, support continues until they graduate. What does the divorce decree say?
  • Generally speaking, no, but if there is child support that accumulated prior to a child turning 18, that can still be owing, at least for awhile. A parent can also be ordered to pay for college support in at least some states, and finally,some states impose child support obligations on parents for disabled children.
  • Yes if the child is still in school
  • Child support usually lasts until age 18 or graduation from High School, whichever occurs later. Some states say that it must end at age 19, even if the child has not graduated. Also, some states allow for extensions (at the judges discretion) when a child is disabled. resulting in a longer general education. There have been proposals in some states to extend support until a child graduates college, but so far these have not been enacted, and are probably unconstitutional if they are ever inacted.
  • if there are arrears owed, after age 18 - the child is responsible for collecting the arrearage and can enforce it until they reach 21. at least in indiana
  • well like they said if back support is owed and also if the child goes to college then i think that you also pay longer

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