• I can be nice but people do not walk all over me because if I like a person and I can help them I will. I do not call that being walked all over.
  • I am nice, but I don't let people walk all over me because if they tried, then I'm stomping over them with a size 12 steel toe boot, lol
  • Not anymore, I'm naive but revenge is best when served cold if you're taken advantage of
  • I am nice and no people do not walk all over me. As I matured, I learned not to hang around with those kind of people and to ignore them and/or avoid them. Its generally not necessary to have confrontations or battles.
  • Nope. Negativity gets negativity, confrontation gets confrontation, and violence gets violence. And vice versa. I allow the other to decide how he wants to play it, and that is how it gets played. If he doesn't like where that road has led, he has no one to blame but himself.
  • I usually weigh the consequences of defending myself vs not upsetting myself. I usually let them go the first two times but if they keep doing it I defend myself - sometimes with great vigor. After that they usually don't try it again. I can be a wuss but I do have limits. 😍😎😋
  • I'm usually a reserved person - until I get pushed into a corner. If that happens, 12 years old or not, I won't hold back. He'll be sorry he ever crossed my path...
  • I don't let people "walk all over me" typically...but yes, I am far, far too nice. Currently: to the tune of $8,000 that my friend/boss owes me and refuses to pay me back. Because of me he didn't lose his house and his business. After I loaned him the money he was able to secure a Covid loan (to the tune of $180,000) and other loans and has purchased a Harley and two Porsches and is still refusing to pay me back. Meanwhile, I can't afford to purchase a used vehicle that costs 1/5 of either of his Porsches. The way I look at it, he's spending my money to buy luxury items while I live in poverty, and I live in poverty because I rescued his home and business.
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      I have empathy for you, although not to the tune of $8,000. My mistake came loaning money to a "friend" so he could keep his lights turned on. He never paid me back. Another time, I and a friend of mine loaned another "friend" $50 a piece ($100 total) so she could make a car payment. I ended up giving him $50 and saying she paid him back because he couldn't afford the loss - while I took the full hit for the money. And yet another time, a guy who had done some work on my car borrowed $100 from me and never paid me back. The "kicker" came when his dad came knocking on my door in the middle of the night wanting to borrow $100 as well. I hate to be cold-hearted...I want to help people when I can. But when "friends" and "acquaintances" see you as the First National Bank, it's time to close your doors.
      Yes, I've stopped loaning (and in fact he doesn't need loans from me at the moment)...but it's wrenching that I have lived so cheaply for so many years to save him, and now that he has the money to repay me, and that money would probably make a huge difference in my life, I am still having to live as cheaply as possible while he spends MY money on high-living.
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      Good to hear. If I asked, would you loan me some money? I'll pay you back as soon as the freeloaders I loaned money to pay me back...
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      "The "kicker" came when his dad came knocking on my door in the middle of the night wanting to borrow $100 as well." - That happened to me too. An employee who always sees me during the day came by at 8pm on Saturday night to get $750 from me. I got the money back but I had to contact his wife and his supervisor. He was fired.
  • I am there for someone if I feel they need my help. I learned the hard way crooks can play on your kindness. Last week a man yelled at me to help his male friend laying on the floor. Went to help. Then they mugged me,. I learned my lesson. There was a report given to the police.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope you weren't hurt!
  • no one walks over me
  • Not usually. I think sometimes I let my son get away with more (as an adult) than I would a friend.
  • I am not a doormat!
  • I'm not a doormat.

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