• Yes, a few, and they suck. One was for $100.00. Talk about wanting to cry! UGH! So, don't feel TOO bad, it'll be okay....
  • Yes I have had a "few" in my lifetime. I too have felt like crying, mostly because of the fines and the severe tongue lashing that the officers bestowed upon me.
  • No I have been VERY lucky because I do have a heavy foot. Yes I think I would be very upset too.
  • I suppose if you've never got one or if your license is at stake. Otherwise we all get them sooner or later my friend.
  • Yes, I wouldn't worry about it you can contest it or depending on what state you are in you can take a driver improvement course and points won't be added to your drivers license. If you have the course option i woul take it because it also helps against any auto insurance increases because of the ticket.
  • One, yes. Long story short, I didn't have a logical choice other than to speed and get away from a situation. Obviously the officer didn't believe me. So, I took the ticket and will try to explain my story in court. I know that feeling when you see the lights come on behind you and instead driving by they pull in behind you. I know the sinking feeling. It doesn't last long. It's my first and only ticket, and I hope to get it expunged. What I do recommend to you is if you are going to contest it, write down (right now) everything surrounding the situation. Time, Date, Location, Weather, your speed, your reason, your argument (yes you may forget why you are contesting it a few months down the road) and anything else you can think of. Put it in a safe place and have it ready for the court date. It will refresh your memory because guaranteed, the officer will have notes too. Just take a deep breath, have a glass of milk, and relax. Maybe watch some hockey? You'll feel better in no time.
  • The only "speeding" ticket I ever had was because I was doing like 17 miles an hour in an 10 mile zone! No kidding! It was inside a Naval Base where they are very strict with that .... Not a speeding bullet, I shall say..
  • I hope that this is your first and last citation. Some drivers just go to pieces, when stopped by the police for a speeding violation. its just a speeding ticket, not a major crime. Most people learn a valuable lesson, when it comes to speeding and a citation. it could be very costly, not only in the fine, but also in future auto insurance premiums. I tell most emotional violators that they are not a criminal.......they just have a lead-foot and to slow down.
  • yes it really sucked because i had to try and buckle my seat belt and pull into a parking lot all at once then when to cop came to my window my dumb dog wouldn't stop barking at the officer
  • no since i dont drive

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