• I believe I saw the same thing the other night. At first glance, it just looked like there was a cloud inbetween the moon and me and there was a circle directly in the middle of the cloud that was empty(not part of the cloud). When I stopped and actually looked at it, there appeared to be somewhat of a rainbow all the way around the circle. I gave it about an hour to see if the cloud would move and make the whole scene change, but an hour later, it looked exactly the same!
  • Now we can taste the lunar rainbow! :) Never thought about it, and I have yet to see one. The skies have looked alittle clearer than normal, but nothing else.
  • I <3 RAINBOWS!!!!
  • 5-31-2017 Atmospheric effects do not depend on where the light came from. There are dozens of them, each with a cutesy name.

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