• + i think common courtesy you answer you + and you + all that answer yours.
  • I've noticed that too, but I admit that sometimes I forget to point even when I mean to do it. As soon as I remember I go back and do it though. +4 to you! :-)
  • I would think that the person asking that question probably doesn't have a good list of friends, your friends will help with the point tally.
  • I agree with you, people either forget or just don't care about others and only want points for themselves to go up another level.
  • I have seen this happening. People post answers and leave it at that. It is only when they receive a feedback from the questioner that they give points. We must also note that many people post questions and do not bother to read or rate the answers received. So it works both ways. . I personally rate first before I answer, as a matter of routine developed over time.
  • What accounts for most of it is that people have a hard time being giving to others. THey feel that they have to take what they can get when they can get it. To them, it's a cruel world, and nobody has their back but themselves. I have noticed also that it can take a long time from the time a person receives points for their answer until Answerbag registers it visually. The lag time can be as long as 15 mintues. +5
  • It happens....Just for fun I'm going to go threw your Q and A until my point gun runs dry.
  • +5 to keep you motivated in your research!
  • I give points very often for questions and answers. I just don't advertise everytime I do. But I've noticed the lack of point giving too.
  • Most of the questions I've seen with 10 answers or so and with only 5 points or so seem to deserve exactly that much. And it's possible to not like a question but yet still have an answer for it.
  • You are right. I think its just because the new users don't know any better.
  • Its the way it is now, we are in the credit crunch prices of points are going up like the price of gas. Luckily I saved a supply of points for a rainy day like this +3
  • It comes and goes, especially when there is an influx of newer users or people in a rush, like during the holidays, and they don't give out as many points. IT also seems to matter what kind of questions, as some will always get points, and others attract the type of people that often will rarely give points.
  • I never really noticed it, but here's another +5
  • There are a couple of reasons that I might not give points - there a few users here who I won't name (but probably don't need to) who constantly post questions which are essentially the same but worded slightly differently - not so much questions as carefully worded statements meant to rile people who disagree and reap points from people who do. The individuals concerned NEVER come back to comment or award any points for the time and effort taken to answer. First I stopped giving points, now I don't bother to answer them at all. Secondly, sometimes I get fed up waiting for AB to register the points I want to give and think to myself that I will post the points when I return after a comment - so again if there is no comment you might miss out on points....+6 by the way!
  • It may be a glitch on AB. I always point all questions I answer and answers I get but I've gone back to old Q&A and it looks like some never registered. But yes I think people are probably getting a bit stingy. Times are tough. lol! ;-)
  • I've noticed that too Green Goddess. Lately, it seems people have gotten very stingy. Maybe they're just busy and forget. I like to give points for questions although I admit sometimes I get so busy I forget but whenever I click on a question I try to check and see if I've given points and give them if I haven't. I also give points to answers when I know I have them. Sometimes I don't always know there are answers there because of the notifications glitches. When I find them, I'll give them points. Plus I like to give out random points. If I answer a question, many times I'll give all of the other answerers points too. Or if I'm on the home page, I'll scroll down and give out points for questions whether I answer them or not. Giving points makes me happy. It's painless, free, and easy. I don't know why more people don't do it, but that's their problem. I give points because I want to. +5 Goddess!!
  • I just come back on and tell them if they want points from me they better fess up.
  • lol ya people are getting stingy with points
  • i actually maxed out 3 different people today ...
  • Maybe everyone is in a minimalist mindset from the recession, trying to save where they can :)
  • Well, Green Goddess, I don't know if YOU are getting stingy, but a lot of people are. MINIMALLY I give the asker and the first two anwerers (that's how many usually fit on the screen) points, then the one that is one the screen when I answer. When people answer me, they all get points. Lazy me, I just give maximum points. People, however, are not as generous as I, I find.
  • I haven't noticed but it could be. I always give points but never say so, I just give a plus sign like this...+
  • They are getting stingy. The first few months I was here I was getting 1000+ points a day and now I am averaging 150-200. People are afraid if they give points it comes off their total and will move them down another level or they just don't care. Some get angry when they are not given points but then they don't give them either. I never understand it. They are infinite so give them away as they are.

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