• My guess? = Overwhelmingly so. ;-)
  • In my case yes, in my wife's case no. Her mother is Protestian and her father is Catholic. My wife and her siblings were raised to be atheists. They all found God in different religions. It makes me happy to know that even in atheism there is hope for some.
  • well it is hard to get out of .the same as brainwashing and programing in cults . this is why some religions recruit and child draft even before you are born , by marring only same faiths , with the promise to raise your child as such .. also why premarital sex is shun upon . there is even a bible quothe that states "if a man has a damaged or wounded "unit" we dont want you ." . it is a ploy to inprint the young minds that their faith is best , and others are evil. so being born into it is hard to grow out of . history books and tv help to deprogram ,,and even the contradictions in the bible itself help .. when you are older and more educated it is harder to beleive . some stay because they don't want to admit it , and it's easier to stay. some move on .. they say science is the church's biggest enemy--- i think education, history , and free will is .
  • I am not sure,I was around when hippies were cool,and a vast majority of them rejected the religion they were raised with.They questioned it and went into meditation,and east Indian religions ,or rejected all religions.To this day most hippies never returned to their parents religion. Though there is not a hippie revolution going on these days I would say that the next generation is not as ready to follow their parents religion as they used to years ago.
  • I don't know about most people. My father was a Methodist pastor. I found absolutely no benefit in attending his church. It just did me no good. I'm a Baptist now. I guess it all depends on whether or not the religion people were raised with works for them.
  • I believe that children should not be indoctrinated with any religion. They should make that decision for themselves once they become an adult. You wouldn't want your child to smoke just because you do? Why then poison his mind with religion?
  • I was raised roman catholic. No premarital sex, marry same faith, etc. No BC or abortion or divorce, and only have sex if youre married and want to have kids. Did i follow it? no i didnt. My parents proved they werent faithful to their religion so why should i. Glad i did, my husband is awesome, hes atheist but thats no issue in my book. One thing i still got from the catholics is things like open relationships, freebie sex (one night stand your spouse picks) if you get bored with the spouse, and threesomes i cant do. I always got preached on thats a breach of trust. But otherwise im good. I dont believe in the abortion except rape and incest cases.
  • Hmm! Not fickle?

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