• no need to its alredy known -i dont have to prove it to myself therefore i dont have to prove it to anyone else as i dont push my beliefs onto others
  • Every heard of a logical fallacy called argumentum ad ignorantiam?
  • No. One cannot disprove the existence of something which has no specific manifestation. If you say "there is a pink bunny sitting next to me", it's easy to disprove -- that's a specific manifestation claim. But if you say "there's an *invisible* pink bunny sitting next to me which also emits no heat nor interacts with other physical objects", we're stuck: it cannot be disproved. On the other hand, it's quite ludicrous to claim that you're sure this bunny exists, as well.
  • The onus to prove God's non-existence does not lie with Atheists, it lies with the religious, they have to prove God exists, not the other way around. I say Pluto is made of cheese, prove me wrong.
  • The thought of atheists needing to back up their non-belief with evidence is kind of silly, don't you think? Theists are the ones who are responsible for proving their own belief. Burden of proof and all that. Atheists, on the other hand, do not have any beliefs. Sure, an individual atheist probably has some, but the only defining factor of an atheist is a non-belief in a god and nothing else. Atheists make no claims and are therefore not responsible for proving anything. Besides, no one even knows what God is supposed to be in the first place, and anyone who claims to bases that "knowledge" completely off of faith. How could anyone prove or disprove something if we don't know what it is?
  • just good old logic and science is enough for me, I don't put any stock into fairy tales written by men. Now prove me wrong and show me your God.... WAITING.... WAITING... WAITING... no?.. didn't think so
  • This is the most futile exercise imaginable. Nobody can prove the existence or non-existence of God or gods, whether they are believers or non-believers. This is how the conversation goes: "Prove God doesn't exist." "Prove he does." "Prove he doesn't." "Prove he does" "Prove he doesn't." "Prove he does" "Prove he doesn't." "Prove he does" ... and so on, ad-infinitum.
  • No way that proof for the non-existence could be provided. However, there seems to be plenty evidence that God exists! "Oh, what evidence is that then?", I hear the sceptics and the non-believers howl. Well, permit me to answer the question with a puzzle. Throughout known history, long before Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and others, all civilisations around the globe were religious, praising divinity i.e God or Gods. I would be genuinely interested to receive a coherent and intelligent explanation to this fact.
  • Neither side can prove their case. Therefore I'm an amused bystander. +5
  • Nope. But we have faith we are right.
  • As much as those who are not have proof of the other - no. +5
  • I will prove it as soon as you prove there is no invisible pink unicorn.
  • No more so then we can prove that Russell's Teapot does not exist.
  • Why should they even try to bother?
  • Can you prove with concrete evidence that this question is not asked once a week? How many many times do we need to answer the obvious.
  • That is a ridiculous question - why would anyone (with a brain) go about trying to prove that something they don't believe in isn't there!?
  • i dont think so they will fall in same loop like theist
  • Many do not think this is a valid question. There is a tv live show here run by atheists and they were asked that question. They quickly said, "I don't know" and changed the subject. . If God does not exist, then who created the universe, etc.? Any answer would be fine; many call it God. I am curious why reject the name of God or substitute another. I know I did not create it.
  • LOL! That's like asking someone to prove with concrete evidence that there is no Tooth Fairy
  • Can Christians prove with evidence that there IS a god?
  • Can you prove with concrete evidence than I'm NOT the most hansom, sexiest, most intelligent guy alive? No? Well then I am all those things since you can't prove them wrong. Is this what you're saying?
  • Actually I can prove it just as concretely as a theist can prove there is a god. A believer's faith is based on something in his life or a historical document or belief passed down. This led him to the conclusion there was a god. I will exercise the same privilege and choose something from my life, that to me, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no god. I shall choose a paper cut. Can you see it here on my pinkie? Okay, to me this proves "his" absence beyond a shadow of a doubt. Now will you accept MY concrete evidence as proof? I didn't think so.
  • Of course not - but that is not the question. Someone saying "There actually IS a god, and my god is the real one - all those others are fakes!" is making an extraordinary claim. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to back them up. Without a shred of evidence, and with hundreds of thousands of gods having been postulated by humans over the ages, it is not up to the people saying "well, we think they are ALL made up until evidence indicates otherwise" to prove anything.
  • No, but you can't prove I'm not God either.

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