• No. I think I'm very fortunate to have all that I do (family, friends, love, a home; etc) and have been able to get through the difficult times in tact! I know there are many people in the world who are not as fortunate as I.
  • Difficult, hell yes...more so than anyone else's...hell no!
  • I'm sure it is more difficult than some but I know it is easier than many. Why? Because there will always be people who have it better and people who have it worse.
  • Whenever I feel down, I always come back to the fact that there are many other humans in worse shape than me and I should be grateful. Or, at least, I try my hardest to remember that.
  • I would think my life is a lot easier than so many people I know closely. Both those better off and worse off financially than me. I think it is all in the mind. A contended mind in a happy mode makes things easier.
  • No, I don't.   Quite the opposite: I often think about how much easier my life is than are the lives of many others. Its not that I don't have a few challenges, but I have the support to get through them, I live in a great country, I have a husband who loves me, friends who are there for me, and I have my God. (Just went to church on Saturday night (not R.C, though) & Jesus 'lifted off of me' some difficult, painful emotions I'd been trying to handle --- what a faithful God we've got!!! HA!!) ':)
  • It has its moments sure, but it's up to me to combat and find positive to make it all worthwhile. A bad day for me simply allows me to appreciate the greater days ... Compared to many ... my bad moments are simple and will always pass ... His great days ... would be my worst nightmare.
  • No, I think I have been pretty lucky. I have my issues, but they do not come close to others.
  • Not at all. Sometimes I feel its just yakkie but I do know that there's too much others who havent have a tiny bit of what I have. And sometimes I realize I am the one who makes my own life difficult, no one else! +
  • No. Quite the contrary, I have had a very easy life. Now, if you were to ask others about me they might not agree. It is all in the attitude my friend...attitude plus gratitude! :)
  • I think it's a very mixed bag but in general there are many good aspects of the life I'm living and I'm always very grateful for the good things.
  • no, i think others might have it more difficult than me
  • I had broken bones, arm pulled out of its socket, was stabbed, hospitalized with two bouts of pneumonia, heart problems, nutritional deficiencies, abandoned, run over by a car, and molested all before going to kindergarten! Since then I was abandoned several more times by the only parent I had left, was constantly uprooted and moved was molested several more times, more broken bones and abuses, my sister committed suicide and I watch my mother die a slow painful death of cancer, and a grandson I raised for eight years ripped from my arms because in Alabama at that time grandparents didn't have custody rights. I got sick became unable to work, lost a home I had paid for by myself working minimum wage jobs as a single parent and was homeless for two years while my disability case went to court. Do I think I have it worse than anyone else? No. All these things served to strengthen me and now I know there's nothing I can't handle! In addition I'm now able to help so many others through so many things because of what I've been through . I guess it's all in how you look at it and what you choose to make of it.

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