• (edited) it's nickname is "Latin America".
  • They are all over the place. Cuba is on it's own but is considered to be part of North America. Let someone else answer the rest. We own Puerto Rico but it is not part of our continent, it's close to Spain which is part of Europe.
  • Caribbean islands..?? isnt it...?? n there i was thinking my world geo is good!! good thing i din go to the "are you smarter than a 5th grader??""!!
  • United Nations Statistics Division puts them all in North America. . In actuality they are islands. For more on islands vis-a-vis continents, .
  • In terms of UN classification, the continental plate they're on, and what's taught in geography textbooks, all the Caribbean islands except the Lower Antilles (those just off the coast of Venezuela) are part of North America. That includes the Bahamas (including Turks and Caicos) and the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Hispaniola (shared between Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Jamaica, the Caymans, and Puerto Rico), as well as the Lesser Antilles (the Virgin Islands down through Grenada and Barbados). The Caribbean subregion is a subregion of North America.
  • They are all part of North America.
  • They're not on any continent, but they're considered to be part of North America.

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