• You've been misinformed. I can talk up a storm but have gotten nothing but ridicule and abuse. +4
  • Girls love it when you talk sports. Also, tell you about your favorite moment in a video game you played and be sure to talk about how hot some other girl is that you saw in a porn video. Chicks really dig that. Be sure to correct her if she says anything wrong. That will earn you her respect.
  • Girls love it when you listen. A response to what they are saying shows you are paying attention. If you talk up a storm than your not listening and that can be a turn off.
  • Them selves and all their problems/drama, it's the guy's job to listen and make agreeable noises at the right moments.
  • There is a difference between talking up a storm and being able to take part in a good conversation. It entirely depends on the girl as to what is a good topic. Depends what her interests are, what she is passionate about, knowledgable in, and what kind of discussion she likes to have. I love to have a good debate about something. Not an "I'm right and will talk louder, cut you off, and use insults to prove it" type of conversation, but one where both people share different perspectives and have a good argument to back up their beliefs. I like conversations that give me some insight into the other person or where I can learn something interesting. I also like having purely entertaining nonsense conversations - any conversation that can make me laugh is good!

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