• Though he should repsect your relationship with his best friend, there's nothing wrong with flirting. It's simply a flattering form of communication and interplay. As long as nothing comes of it, I say enjoy the attention.
  • If you do not want it to be an issue down the line I would say something to him or your BF. It could back fire on you if you let it continue.
  • As long as he dosn't think he has a chance, if it dosen't annoy your boyfriend, if you keep a handle on your thoughts & feelings and if its just for PLAY, then NO enjoy the attention... If it affects your relationship in any way and you want to be with your boyfriend then YES stop him.
  • Yeah its kinda slutty if you "like the attention". Have some respect for yourself & your boyfriend, dont flirt with other men... specially his friends.
  • This is one of those, I have an answer but if I was put into this situation as you, the boyfriend, the friend what would I do and I get different answers. Maybe he's just a flirt so then it just depends on how uncomfortable he's making you. If its unbearable say something, if it persists after you say something tell your boyfriend. Maybe he likes you... well then you have problems. Tell him to stop. Period. Maybe he thinks you're flirting back... are you? Maybe the friend is testing you for the sake of his friend? That's just twisted and now I'm being paranoid. . .
  • girl you uis nasty for what you doing to your boyfriend probably he aint doing nothing but no you like some other attention girl you need to tell your man if you really like your man dont keep it in a secret way from your man thats no trust in this realatonship
  • don't lead him on
  • ask him to stop if you care about ya boyfriend ..he is not nice doing that to his best mate ..
  • Let him know you're not interested in the presence of your boyfriend. That way, you'll make your boyfriend aware of the problem without turning him against you. That may or may not get him to stop, but at least he'll know that your boyfriend knows what's going on and he'll be less likely to advance to a more dangerous phase.
  • Nip his nonsense in the bud! you could end up with neither guy liking you.
  • Be aware, if you don't say something, you could allow yourself to be the cause of problems between friends. I wouldn't want to feel like that.

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