• I cannot see why atheists are weak. Agnostics, possibly, but atheism is a positive decision as much as picking one of the many varieties of theism. As to whether they will suffer - that is a matter of your faith, and not provable.
  • People with such outrageous beliefs are best ignored.
  • I would ask them to prove it. . I would ask them why i'm weak for being independent of myself and not needing a god for help.
  • Being atheist is hardly the equivalent of a child molester. If anything, a catholic would be the equivalent since it's so common.
  • Some people are just warped. Consider the source and blow them off.
  • Hey Atheists ain't the ones traumatizing the choir boy, are they now.
  • Personally, I feel that a compulsion or an unreasonable desire to believe in a god could be considered a weakness. Perspectives are like opinions, everybody has one. It WOULD be nice if everyone thought deeply and objectively before jumping in behind an ill-conceived opinion.
  • They sound like a dumbass.
  • Someone has some seriously warped priorities.
  • I disagree. It would be worse to lie about your beliefs to get approval from others.
  • They are entitled to their opinions - but there's nothing saying their opinion must be shared or even respected...
  • First thing, I am not even close to being as bad as a child molestor! (I know you aren't saying it, no worries) Just because I can't force myself to believe in something that someone else does, doesn't make me a bad person. Second, being Atheist doesn't hurt anyone, (except ourselves according to theists), while a child molestor screws up that person's life. They hurt them emotionally and physically. Most have to bear the scars for the rest of their lives even with therapy. These are my thoughts and if me not being able to believe and follow an ancient text makes me evil in their eyes, then there's really nothing you or anyone else can do about it. It looks like that ABer has some thinking to do.

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