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  • That is creepy. He is overstepping the boundaries of your relationship bigtime. I might rethink this relationship if I were you.
  • Tell him you're too young to be married
  • Uh u tell me. U seem to be halfway between liking and it and not liking it. I suggest u just continue with life and see just where it belongs, whether in the "thats nice" category or "thats creepy" category. Once u make that judgement, then u can decide whether to continue it or not.
  • just remember something..feelings run wild in the beginning..crazy wild..every thought penetrates each partners mind..and this can cause false promises to be's nice in the beginning..but after sometime those intense feelings do fade and reality and logic kick in..don't take it seriously because he might just be head over heels and he probably has overdosed on our natural love chemicals its not that serious..if you want to know him more..stay..if you think it's a huge deal and it freaks you out..then leave
  • Tell him to back the f off and take a chill pill already. How old are you?
  • Run, he's gotta be a bit of a psycho.
  • Needy much???? ... anyone want to guess the over/under on when he starts thinking that she is "his" and all the clinginess/possessiveness/jealousy starts to show up???

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