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  • Stop smoking immediately. Yeah I know, it's hard to do. Been there done that. In 21 days you can clean up for a drug test. If it's a simple doc-in-a-box drug screen no problem. Quit now. The day before your test go to the health food store and get a liquid body cleanse solution. Read the instructions and take as it says. You'll drink the solution about an hour or so before the test and then refill the bottle several times with water to drink. It's good for about 3 hours afterward. Also take some B and C vitamins to add color to your urine. You can get by on water only, but it does wash out some of the ingredients they look for to determine that the sample came out of you and not a water wash, which is basically what you are doing.
  • A good natural product to take the day of the test is Rescue Cleanse from Clear Choice. I have had good success with that in the past.

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