• Go to: This site has many artists listed alphabetically, with a limited collection of their works. Another decent site is: Very similar to the first site. Just remember: Many of these types of sites are put together by fans, nd their interpretation of song lyrics are sometimes "interesting," to say the least. "Big ol' jet airliner" becomes: "Bingo Jed had a light on!"
  • Comprehensive and fairly accurate. I have found lyrics/artists on this site that are not available on many other sites. Has a TV show theme and one hit wonder section which is fun. Very comprehensive and one can request lyrics they do not have. Also has a movie soundtrack lyric index which is very nice. The 2 that were mentioned in another answer and are incomplete at best. The second site, for example, hasonly 2-3 albums listed per artist and both are missing many artists. Others: better selection than the 2 above, but still not particularly comprehensive. Unique because it has links to traditional folksongs by some countries, operas, musicals, children's songs, scout/camping songs. Like I said, unique and they check their links regularly and they were updated in May 2004.
  • If you are looking for soundtrack lyrics (as sometimes the track we want isn't on the artists albums) go to and prepare for pop-ups.
  • A general lyrics site may not always be the best for lyrics. I find that these do not have rare song lyrics. In a common search engine like you can type in lyrics followed by the artist and song name and this is almost guarenteed that your lyrics will come up. This will work, however some people interpret lyrics wrong and assume certain lyrics are something they are not. To avoid this, try the official website of the artist, the official artist website usually have all the lyrics from the artist's entire discography.
  • well if the lyrics aren't already in the "lyric book" in the front of a CD case or you dont have the CD of the song you want the lyrics to, go to and search the artist, then the ablum, and then finally the song and voila! lyrics
  • If you're looking for modern song lyrics, go to as it has a long list of alphabetised songs and its easy to find your song. It also has the lyrics to albums of the past 3 years. If you're looking for not so modern song lyrics then go to This has many songs, even the ones that I thought weren't very popular.
  • The best place ive found is They have over one-million Lyrics. you submit lyrics and the person who submits most at the end of the month wins a free CD.
  • I have found that has the best an most accurate lyrics for millions of songs, new and old. It gives you the option to search by artist, song, or lyrics. The lyrics option is very handy because if you dont know the title or artist but know some of the words, you can type the lyrics in and it will give you the songs that match the lyrics.
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  • internet
  • In addition to these excellent answers if you'd like a little fun can I suggest you have a look at As someone who thought Freddie Mercury was singing "what devil put a sideboard here?" it was a great de-mystifier. I also like the idea that NIN should swap the obscenity laden chorus of "Closer" to the cleaner version: "I wanna duck shaped like a triangle... you gave my toaster to Bob."
  • you can go on
  • I second the recommendation. What I usually do is go to Goggle with a phrase I KNOW is in the song enclosed in parenthesis (this makes Google treat that phrase as a single word, and tends to give better results, I've found that once you give Google more than 3 words in a search the results get pretty vague) followed by the word lyrics. Example: "do you promise not to tell" lyrics ...which gives me lots of sites that have the Beatles song I was looking for.
  • is the best site I have found. will also give you some interpretations of the lyrics, but the lyrics themselves tend to be a bit off.
  • There's Hope this helps :)
  • is the best, but it isn't as comprehensive as it should be. my second choice is sing365.

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