• I thought red was the color of anger.
  • maybe it's because people also associate it with sexual passion (which many think is wrong unless the sex is with your spouse) and anger. i don't know when though... also, you should watch "high desert drifter". they literally paint the town red in that movie. :)
  • I think the color red has been associated with bad for a long time. My guess is that it started in connection with blood which can both be associated with murders, anger, sex, shame, mortality etc. As red is mostly seen in nature in connection with blood and death, it is not difficult to see how this color can become the color of "evil". Black also has this association I think. While White & Blue often become the colors of "good"
  • people may say it is because it is the colour of blood although red is also the colour of love I believe it is just because it is a very intense colour
  • I had never heard that red was the color of evil, mind you I am 62 y/o and I have been around. The reason some people associate red with evil could be that red is the color of fire and fire is what those people believe is hell. I can't think of any other one. Regards.
  • red is for stop...and blood is also red..that means u stop ,i will plaw with your blood....!!!
  • Red = Passion or anger to me.
  • it's the color of blood. Usually, the Bull tries to attach anything that's red.
  • wtihin catholicism red is the color for sin and guilt. The color may also mean revolution for it is on flags such as the third reich (Nazi flag,) The communist flag, American flag, etc.
  • maybe cause its the color of blood
  • Since Cain murderered Abel. Given the context, red is a passionate color. But red is also the color of rage, blood and fire. It has the power to communicate, evoke and persuade. Revelation 6:4 speaks of The Red Horse that takes away the peace from the Earth by bringing war.
  • I don't really think it is that. Santa Claus wears red, cardinals wear red. Red is one of the colors on many flags around the world. I think black is the color some people use to represent evil. 2/26/23
  • Probably because it's the same colour as blood, which is seen in a lot of horrors. It's also linked with the planet Mars, which is linked to war.
  • Another answer to share: in Western culture, Satan is portrayed as a red figure to represent hellfire.

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