• Not legally. Good luck with that.
  • Not legally. Good luck with that.
  • They can also keep you from living in thier home...after 18, you are considered an adult and old enough to provide for your self. But if you want to live at home...tread lightly! +5
  • after 18 you are an adult you are free to do what you want to do but you are also responsible for your actions.
  • Not legally,but if they are paying for college thats a different story.
  • My parents tried to keep me from going away to college. They wanted me to go to a closer school. I ended up in a big argument over it. I ended up telling them I was 20 and I could go anywhere I wanted too. They finally ended up agreeing to let me go. This is just a suggestion. If you are only eighteen, you may want to wait awhile before going away to school. I went at 20 but I would never have been ready at eighteen. Good luck. Be respectful. Tell them like it is. +5
  • At 18 you can go where ever you want as long as you can pay for it. Paying back student loans is FREQUENTLY absolutely CRUSHING and it goes on for 10 years or longer. College graduates usually make more money in the long run but right out of school pay levels will probably not be high enough to comfortably make those student loan payments. Something to consider.
  • she cant stop you once youre 18, just move out
  • no, not if youre 18
  • No. At 18 you're an adult and will be treated as one. Responsible for their own actions.
  • You may think parents are out of touch and that you are invincible and will own the world in four years, and that is totally natural, but if they're paying, they make the rules. Source: me (I'm in the "I make the rules" category.)

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