• Possibly ecstasy... I hear that people even sometimes make their own custom symbol on them.
  • wow, it could honestly be anything I've seen asprin and generic percocets that look like that check out this website it can help you id pills usually
  • Do you know where did he get those from? That would give some clue.
  • Could be anything, but look into this thing, they call it triple C's, it's over the counter cold medicine, but kids like to experiment with it, I guess when they eat like 10 of them they get high, think they looked something like that, I'm not sure what the pills real name is, but on the box in one corner it will say: c c+c
  • Sounds like regular old aspirin - that would be my first guess. But, only the lab (or experimentation) will tell.
  • they are generic percocet
  • disregard that last answer to your question. i apologize i thought i read somewhere in your question that one side had 512 on them.
  • They could be nerve pills. :[ My mom takes them. They are small and white. There is so many different type of pills out there, you're probably not going to know until the results come back.
  • Have you tried taking them to your pharmacy and letting them look at them? You can also do a drug index search on google and look at pictures of them.
  • I can't believe that it is going to take that long to get the results. Thats seems like a very long time to me.
  • ridlin can look like this and is often used as a upper almost like meth.
  • I have seen different forms of methadone tens look like that, but maybe with an inscripton on it. I will tell you that if it dosn't have numbers on it and people here couldn't didentify it... then its probably not a serious narcartic.
  • I can tell you it is not percocet, I am a nurse and have never seen any form of percocet without marking on it.

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