• Depends which university. Different universities have different requirements. I'm sure very few would take a GED, though, unless you a) are going for sports or performing arts or b) have family in the military.
  • I dropped out of High school in grade 10 went on active duty in the Navy. When I returned home the man I worked for said I need to get an education. I entered university with no high school diploma or GED. I entered on "Personal approval". It allowed me to take one semester. If I made a 2.0 gpa I could stay, I made the 2.0. It took me awhile but I finally finished university. During the time I made Dean's list 5 times. I later went to a trades college receiving an associate's degree. I was tied with the #2 position for the class. I still do not have a high school diploma nor a GED. Don't say it can't be done! It can if you want it bad enough.

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