• 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. .
  • I think it depends on how severe the sin is, Nick.
  • No it doesn't, ALL Christians stumble in their walk and God is a understanding and forgiving God. He shows us that through his Mercy and Grace.
  • It should make you question at the very least.
  • it means you dont know what repent means.
  • I think that in repenting there has to be the intention of trying your best not to do it again. But if despite that you do, I think God forgives you.
  • Naw, it just means you need to work on yourself alittle more. The saved will sin and feel sorry and truely seek forgiveness for the things we did. Truth be told though it doesnt mean we will never do it again though. BUT...if we go venturing to do the same thing and do it again knowingly knowing we are doing something wrong before we even do it, and then CHOOSE to do it again...then I would say that the repentance did you no good and you didnt learn anything from it. When we sin it is really about learning our lessons and realizing why we shouldnt do them in the first place. Mainly becuase of the guilt and regret that we feel...and that it hurts us and usually other people in the process. Being saved you should not want to experience that again, or put another through the experience. So to work on ourselves we have to fight temptation only becuase we already know the consiquences. But when we knowingly sin upon ourselves sets us all back a few steps. just takes work.
  • You are saved if you believe in Christ. You will need to repent again and try not to stumble again.
  • No Nick it means you are human. Of course you are still saved.
  • It means that you have not committed.
  • It means you have no chance whatsoever to go to Heaven.
  • No, it means you only HALF-repented. Repentance means "turning from your sin with abhorrance for your formber behavior."
  • You tell me Mr. Jimmy Swaggart.
  • It just means you need to continue to repent until you conquer that particular sin. We are never lost until we give up, God will never give up on us.
  • Just makes you human. Forget the saved bit - any god who'd create you with a bundle of urges and desires and then say "90% of those urges are bad 95% of the time" is a bit of a prick IMHO.
  • it is very important that a person know him/herself. it is vital to recognize the weaknesses and frailties of the flesh. having said that a person can fail and yet if there is genuine repentance that person will be forgiven. yet the truly repentant individual will guard against never offending God and comitting the same sin. take for example king david. upon realizing he had committed adultery, he was forgiven because he had truly repented. david never again committed this sin, thus proving his heartfelt repentance. for more information go to
  • You're going to Hell. Next question.
  • It might also mean that you not have been truly repentant of the previous offense. +4
  • Sounds like you can talk the talk but not walk the walk in the sin and repentance departments. I don't think you're putting the concept of "truly sorry" into action very well. It's not looking good for you right now.

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