• The first poem I had published was in my high school yearbook. I won the poetry slot from 247 entries. My college professor chose to publish one of my poems in a collection of his student's works that he self published and went on tour selling. I think he just wanted to travel when he retired and this was a way to write off that travel as a business expence on his taxes. My dad, of course, says I'm just selling myself short. keeps saying I won, but I don't want to pay $60 for my copy of the book I'm published in and $250 to go to the awards cerimony. I think they say "you won" to everyone and I've never paid to find out.
  • Yes. Three historical works and several articles. Now long out of print. Some I wish had never been published. Eight unpublished manuscripts and many boxes of notes are going into a bonfire very soon. +5
  • I drew a picture in elementary school that was put into a traveling art exibit. It was eventually sold to a man in Australia who was originally from my area. The money went to charity.
  • A few years ago I was contacted that my photo would be published. I was so proud... until I found out it was a scam.

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